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Local Student Now Published Author

At just 15-years-old, Mia Scaletta penned her very own novel called Into the Darkness. The nearly 300-page book is a young adult fantasy which takes readers on a fictional journey. Scaletta saying: “The book is about a group of friends. One of their friends loses their little brother in the woods. hey go out to look for them and then secrets are revealed about their town and everything. And there re some supernatural elements as well.”

Mia started writing Into the Darkness in September of 2019 and finished about 6 months after. Now, over a year later, its being sold on major retail websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Before this could happen, Mia had to find a publisher. Scaletta saying: “It was a really long process. My mom sent the book to publishers and Dorrance, the publisher of the book, liked it, they were interested in it. And that’s how we started the whole process.”

The Pittsburgh based company, Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc completed the book around February. Mia has always loved reading and writing, but she said it took her a few tries to come up with the perfect idea for her book.

Johnstown English teacher Emily Lebron said Mia is the first student at her school to become a published author. Lebron saying: “I think it’s a great accomplishment for someone of her age, especially when a common theme we’re seeing is people not enjoying writing as much. And the fact that she was able to write a novel on her own and get that published is definitely something we want to celebrate.”

She’s not done yet, Mia has already started writing the second book of what she hopes will become an entire series.

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