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Local Reactions to Biden Projection

As the Election projections started coming in from various outlets Saturday, local Voters and Leaders were quick to react to the news. A long Election leading up to some long-awaited results with the projected winner being President Elect Joe Biden. Pennsylvania lives up to its name as a key Battleground State, as its 20 Electoral Votes are what put Biden over the top.

Republican State Representative Jim Gregory says as the Election comes to a close, he’s only looking forward. Gregory saying: “As news reports are reflecting an end to this Campaign, I am not prepared to say as a State Representative that I am finished fighting for PA and the Vote count. And to make sure that what we just experienced in PA, for whatever party you happen to be running for as President in the future or any other Elections in PA that we don’t experience what we experienced this year. I think that’s the most important thing I need to do as a State Legislator.”

Both President Trump and projected President-Elect Biden broke voting records this Election with over 70 Million Votes each with Mail-in, In-person, and Early Ballots considered. While our viewing area overwhelmingly voted for President Trump, Centre County leaned towards Biden thanks in part to Penn State University Students. Even as the vote count continues to come in, what’s been reported so far is already showing record-breaking turnout for young Voters, who overwhelmingly went for the projected President-Elect.

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