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Local Reaction to Penn State News

Penn State Students are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus.

Dylan Huberman spoke with a student and business owner in the Happy Valley earlier today about what they wanted the final decision to be.

“I want to experience my college life in person and not so much online and be able to have that real experience.”

Alana Soffer says she wants to come back to being a regular student, but that she’ll likely return to the area this spring, even if classes don’t.

“I definitely go back. I know a lot of my friends who live in apartments, they’re not in the dorms, so we’ve kind of all made plans already saying we don’t go backto school,
still be able to hang out”

The family clothesline once them back in town to with everything that the university and the students have gone through over the last two years,

“We are really hoping that they will be able to return to campus and have that really normal spring semester that we are all hoping for. Gummo believes Happy Valley isn’t the same
without students, especially for businesses. As for business, students in town are always good for business,”

As well as all the sporting events and having that traffic downtown. But she says they’ll deal with it either way,

“No matter what the decision is, we’ll make adjustments and pivot and react to it, as we have in the past.”

As for Soffer, who lives in Florida, a state that has schools with very different circumstances surrounding COVID, she’s not thinking about transferring if PSU goes virtual.

“Oh God, no, definitely not. I could never. I can never imagine myself switching schools. At this point, I’m too far invested with Penn State. My loyalties lie with Penn State.”

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