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Local Pharmacy Reaches Major Milestone

A Local Pharmacy who has been leading the effort in putting vaccines into arms celebrated a major milestone on Saturday by distributing their 100,000th Vaccine! Mainline Pharmacy hit a huge milestone. They’ve officially distributed 100,000 COVID Vaccines. It happened here at Saint Francis University, one of the places where it all began.

On Saturday morning, Mother Klara Slonina of Sisters of the Sacred Heart was rejoicing. That’s because she got her final dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine. But it wasn’t just any shot, Mother Klara received Mainline Pharmacy’s 100,000th dose. Since Mid-January, the Pharmacy has held 105 Vaccine Clinics like this one, vaccinating thousands of people per week and adding up to achieve this new grand-total.

The Pharmacists say the number of people coming to their Clinics has been dwindling down. CFO of Mainline Pharmacy Steve DeCriscio says now is the perfect time to sign up and make a difference in your community. DeCriscio adding: “To know that we’ve made such a difference in so many people’s lives. Grandparents coming up and saying I can finally see my grandchildren after a year of not being able to see them. It can almost bring a tear to your eye.”

DeCriscio said none of their Patients have had bad side effects that’ve lasted more than a few hours. They credit local Churches, Colleges, and Volunteers for making their 100,000th dose possible.

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