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Local Paramedic Keeps Busy

As “National EMS Week” comes to an end, our appreciation for First Responders should not. We spoke with one local Paramedic with an impressive resume. Sarah Stigers devoted her life to helping others working at multiple stations throughout our region to do so.

28-year-old Sarah Stigers of Cambria County works not one, not two, not three, not four, but five different EMS jobs in our area. She’s a Paramedic at Ebensburg, Portage, Forest Hills, Northern, and Boswell EMS Services, working between 60 and 150 hours per week. And that’s on top of graduating from Paramedic School and caring for her 3-year-old Son, Koen.

Sarah said she likes being the first one to help when people’s lives are on the line. Stigers saying: “You’re not waiting for a Doctor to give you orders to tell you what to do. You need to know. You need to be on your A game.” She’s been on her A-game — especially in the past year — working through COVID.

Sarah says they’d sometimes be out of service for hours — holding patients in their Ambulance — while waiting for Hospital rooms to open up. Stigers adding: “So, now we’re stuck in the trucks with these patients that are potentially COVID positive, and this is before vaccinations.” But Paramedics took that risk — not for the money or the glory — but to help their Community.

Sarah encourages everybody to learn CPR — because you could save someone’s life — in the time it takes for an Ambulance to arrive. You can contact your local Ambulance Service to get started.

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