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Local Movie Production Halted

COVID-19 is pressing pause on production for 2 Altoona brothers. They’re creating a short movie about their Grandfather’s experience in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. A tribute to his Altoona-Native Grandfather, who Mark Frederick never met and his brother Jared wishes he could’ve shared his passion for history with. A Production turning into a project much more sentimental detailing the often overlooked Battle of Hurtgen Forest, the brothers diving into tales of their Grandfather. The brothers pouring into history books and getting firsthand knowledge while traveling to the Battlegrounds.

The Fredericks, encapsulated by the words in their scripts, all true stories. The momentum only halted by one thing. Mark Frederick saying: “We started to fund raise in early March, late February and then of course COVID hit.” Filming scheduled for this fall delayed another year, but fundraising is back up and running. Mark saying: “This week, we got an anonymous $15,000 donation, dedicated to a local veteran.”

Despite any current battles, they’re using their voices to highlight this Battle and the lost stories within it. Speaking up for the voices which, like their Grandfather’s, were muted by their own war experiences. Mark Frederick adding: “This short film is not about me. It’s not about my brother. It’s about the men, who fought in the battle of the Hurtgen Forest, who for the large part have not had stories or movies made about them.”

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