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Local Inflation Impact

Inflation has made life challenging for households across the Commonwealth and the country in recent months…but what about for local municipalities?

Officials at the county and borough levels say inflation isn’t causing severe problems for their budgets like it is for the wallets of families everywhere.

Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe says one project has saved the county a ton of money.

“A solar array out by our correctional facility and with energy prices increasing upwards of 40%, that put us in a really good position,”

“Any municipality, county, even states are seeing increased costs when it comes to fuel, when it comes to construction projects, Pipe shared.

The Communications Specialist for the Borough of State College, Kayla Lafferty, says construction costs are most noticeable.

“Some of them, the bids are coming in higher than anticipated when they were estimated for the budget in 2021,” Lafferty said.

But she says the borough included the potential for inflation in their budgeting, leading to this lessened impact.

“When the budget process started in 2021, it was anticipated,” Lafferty remarked. “We do figure for possible inflation increases, and we are doing the same right now leading up to our 2023 budget cycle.”

Pipe says the county is doing the same thing, leading him to an observation.

“County governments and municipalities are a little bit removed from costs increasing but again, our taxpayers and residents aren’t, so we’re trying to help out in any way we can,” he said.

Pipe added that county residents will not see a property tax increase, which he hopes will lessen the financial burden.

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