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Local Hospitals on PPE Supply

Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE includes masks, face shields, gowns and gloves. Most of which Healthcare Providers are using more than ever before because of the Pandemic. Months have gone by since the first COVID-19 case was found in our area, forcing our lives to change in more ways than one. For Healthcare Providers and other essential workers, this meant wearing PPE every day when on the job.

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center says they experienced a lag in supplies at the beginning of the Pandemic, but are on track with their supply of equipment. They released the following statement saying: “Conemaugh Health System does have adequate supplies, including PPE, for our employees, providers, and patients. While there may be a slight lag for certain supplies due to allocation or manufacturing limitations, Conemaugh is prepared with the necessary supplies and equipment to protect and care for patients during this upcoming flu season.”

In Somerset County, UPMC Somerset says they also have an adequate amount of PPE including surgical and N95 masks. They realized the following statement talking about how they are preparing for the future need of masks: “Much of our work revolves around conserving and best using our supply of personal protective equipment—masks, goggles, face shields – so that we are able to protect our staff now and in the months ahead. An advantage of being part of the UPMC Health System is its secure supply chain and partnerships. UPMC Somerset’s staff and patients have access to the strong PPE resources across the system.”

But with no end for COVID-19 in sight, Officials believe there is still enough equipment to last.

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