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Local Election Reaction

Shawn Lesky, a Dubois native, says he voted for Joe Biden in the Presidential election, hoping he can bring the country back to a sense of normalcy.

He says there’s been a lot of divide during this election and he hopes it comes to an end.

Part of that vitriol he says comes from the misunderstanding of how the votes were counted.

Lesky says the Democrats encouraged their supporters to vote by mail and the Republicans encouraged their voters to vote in person, and that’s exactly what happened.

He says he feels people are blindsided by the way the lead is shrinking but that’s logical given that in person votes were counted first and mail in ballots were counted after.

Other members of the community are also speaking out on this election.

Pennsylvania resident Connie Sickeri saying that this election is rigged.

And Laney Bryant saying that her biggest concern is how long Biden will last as the President before Harris takes it from him.

All in all, Lesky hopes we hear a winner of the election Today and that this division ends.

“I just want us to remember that we’re neighbors, we’re friends and we’re a community and that we need to act like it and we need to do that sooner than later.”

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