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Local Easter Relic

On the grounds of the Boal Mansion in Boalsburg the Columbus Chapel, stepping inside is a trip to old Europe, paintings from the renaissance numerous artifacts, all with their own stories. Most amazing of all two pieces of wood inside a silver reliquary on an altar.

“So how did two pieces of the true cross end up from Jerusalem in Boalsburg,Pa. Its an incredible story”

So here’s the story. Descendants of Christopher Columbus, the explorer, received the wood reportedly from the left arm of christ’s cross in Jerusalem, then taken back to the Columbus family castle and monastery in Spain. Next a romance is involved

“Until the Boals married into the Columbus family.As a result Colonel Boal’s wife,Mrs Boal, became the inheritance of these two pieces and they were brought along with the rest of the chapel here to Boalsburg Pa”

The wood was scientifically analyzed.

“They found it was comprised of wood that was from a tree in Jerusalem,a Cyprus tree,long reputed to be one of the three species of wood that the cross was made of”

There is a manuscript at the chapel, from a Spanish Bishop,authenticating the cross. But of course , there are doubters, the story does sound too incredible

“It is based on faith,to whether you believe that Christ was crucified and these are true pieces of the cross, et cetera.that’s part of religion.So each of us have to determine in our own way what our belief’s are.we don’t want to infringe these beliefs on anyone else”

There are the believers especially those who regularly make a pilgrimage here from across the Western Hemisphere due to those two small pieces of wood.

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