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Local Doctor Talks About Mental Health

Olympic Champion Simone Biles says she’s focusing on her mind and body by withdrawing from the women’s team gymnastics final at the Olympics

A local doctor says this could be a lesson for us here at home

Doctor Umesh Chakunta, a Psychiatrist at Conemaugh Memorial in Cambria County says these moves are selfless of them not selfish.

He says that’s because they’re not representing their country when they’re not at their best

He says with with stress, anxiety, and depression you have less physical focus which is dangerous as an athlete

“The message to the general public and a lesson from these two ladies is to know that you don’t have to take on a task or burn out when you don’t have to. People have to take care of themselves
before they can take care of other people.”

Doctor Chakunta says reach out to resources in the community if you’re experiencing mental health troubles and never be afraid to ask for help

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