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Local Dairy Farm Celebrates First Year

A local Dairy Farm celebrated their First Year of Business on Saturday. Pleasant View Dairy in Windber opened last November, but they never got to have a Grand Opening because of the Pandemic. On Saturday, in addition to celebrating that One Year, they also had a Grand Opening and Customer Appreciation Day. There were food, bands, rides, and calf petting at the event.

The Owner says this kind of Business has been in his family for generations and says he is grateful to continue the tradition. The Owner saying: “It’s a very difficult environment for Dairy Farmers these days. I got the bright idea to do what my Great Grandparents did and bottle the milk myself and sell it directly to customers. So that’s what we do.”

If you ever want to check out Pleasant View Dairy, the Farm Shop is open from 3-6pm during the week and 10am-4pm on Saturdays.

Find more information at their website.

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