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Local COVID-19 Story

A Johnstown woman is speaking out after her battle with COVID-19 changed her family’s life forever.

Nicole Fuschino spoke with her and her daughter today

Lyndsay Hollern used to hang out at this kitchen table every night with her Aunt Denise and her mom Brenda.

“The three of us did everything together.”

But that was all changed after COVID-19 took Denise’s life on January 2nd.

“Well, it totally flipped my whole world upside down.”

Brenda was a lucky covid survivor.

Back in December the sisters thought they had sinus infections but both ended up in the hospital.

“I was on one side of the ICU, she was on the other side of the ICU.”

They were both on ventilators and both in medically induced comas.

Brenda was woken up our of hers to receive some bad news about her Sister

“My husband Jason came in to my bedside and did reveal to me that she had indeed passed away.”

Brenda said she didn’t have time to grieve because she was put right back into her coma.

Her daughter, Lyndsay spent that Christmas praying outside the hospital for her best friends.

“Until it hits close to home, and somebody that you love dearly and you see them on a vent and hopeless just laying there, it totally changes your world upside down.”

Brenda is now home focusing on recovering and spreading her message of taking covid seriously.

“We really didn’t think we would get COVID, and then Denise loses her life and I’m sick and still recovering.”

After working in the nursing field for 25 years brenda was thinking about retiring before covid made the decision for her.

“Going from a nurse case manager in my fancy shoes and dresses and crystals and hair done, running around the hospital helping people to now.”

Still wears crystals but now also wears oxygen while still having shortness of breath.

Getting used to her new normal and encouraging others to get the vaccine.

“I would honestly say follow what your doctor says, and they will most likely tell you, get the shot.”

In the meantime they still get visits from Denise but now through Cardinals stopping by just to say Hi.

“We know that she’s happy and she’s with us. We just have to go on and still think about her, and not give up on the memories that we have together.”

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