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Local County Primary Results

Back to looking at some of the key races in our area we’ll begin in Blair County where there are 2 big races we’re keeping an eye on.

The first is for the Altoona City Council.

There are 6 Republicans running voters were told to choose 4.
Currently David Ellis, Terry Figart, Bruce Kelley, David Butterbaugh Jr, Dennis Shreve, Ron Beatty.

David Butterbaugh Jr, Bruce Kelley, Ron Beatty, David Ellis are leading in the race at this time.

The second race is for Tyrone’s Mayor.

Voters are to choose between Republicans William Latchford and Charles Mills Sr.

At this time William Latchford is leading.

Now to Centre County where theere are several races we are watching.

Starting out in the Democratic race for a Bellefonte Councilman in Ward 1.

There were 3 candidates voters were told to choose two. Melissa Hombosky, Katherine Thatcher, Jon Eaton

At this time no results are in

In the Republican race for a Bellefonte Councilman in Ward 2 the two candidates are Randall Brachbill and Barbara Dann. Voters choose one candidate.

No results are in yet

In State College there are 2 Democratic candidates for State College Mayor. Jim Leous and Ezra Nanes.

No results are in yet

And in the Democratic race for a State College Councilman there are 6 candidates. Voters were instructed to choose 3.
Richard Biever, Ronald Filippelli, B. Divine Lipscomb, Gopal Balachandra, Katherine Yeaple, Catherine Dauer

And the results arent in yet.

And finally in Clearfield County we have our eye on the Republican race for Clearfield Mayor.

This race is against Jason Holencik and Mason Strouse.

No results have come in yet

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