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Local Company Helping with Tornado Damage

Tornadoes caused mass devastation in the state of Kentucky earlier this month, leaving residents struggling and valuable resources scarce, but local business Kissel Motorsports is trying to get those resources where they’re needed most. Dillon Huberman reports.

“Can’t imagine what those folks are going through to lose everything that’s close to the holidays. Any way we can help out, we’re happy to do it.”

The tornadoes left little behind in western Kentucky, taking people’s homes, cars and supplies with them while ripping through communities. Last week, Josh Norton’s father, Jim, went
through Dawson Springs en route to Tennessee and dropped off some goods for a community looking to get back on its feet

“So he was going to Nashville, Tennessee, to pick up my nephew, and it’s not all that far from Western Kentucky, and he just thought while he was heading that direction, he might as
well take a load of of non-perishables and water to help those people out.”

A father and son conversation ensued, and they realized they had the ability to make a bigger impact.

“After talking with him, it became clear that the we could help out and we had the resources to do it.”

Those resources come from the progress Kissell has made as a business.

“The business has grown. We’ve added box trucks to our fleet of service vehicles, and we run all over the mid-Atlantic, picking up European motorcycles for service and sales. And we’re
going to take a break from that a couple of day break and use them to to help these people.”

And with several donation locations in Center County helping the effort, he says the community has stepped up to the plate.


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