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Local Church Vandalism

A church in Cambria County was vandalized sometime earlier this week. Now, the diocese and its parishioners are working to deal with the aftermath.

The Church of the Transfiguration in Conemaugh has been a part of the community for nearly 100 years. Earlier this week, Father Robert Hall noticed the building was broken into and vandalized.

“It is devastating. And it is disappointing. But evil exists in the world and we know God’s going to triumph over it so he will get us through. We just got to keep persevering that’s all,” said Hall.

Desecration is the term used when a church is vandalized like this. A police report was filed with East Conemaugh Police Department- regarding damages and missing items.

“A lot of widespread damage. And two things of note were stolen. One was a millennium cross that was on the altar and the other was an auxiliary tabernacle. Of course, a tabernacle is where the holy eucharist is observed. But since this was an auxiliary tabernacle, there was no holy eucharist in it which we are very grateful for that,” said secretary of communications for the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, Tony DeGol.

As a result of the damage, Bishop Mark Bartchak from the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown will be visiting the church Wednesday night for mass and reconsecration.

“Well, a reconsecration is a blessing of the church. And like I said it typically happens after any desecration. The bishop will be there and walk around and bless the walls and reconsecrate it in the name of Christ,” said DeGol. “Police will investigate this and come up with some answers that will bring some closure to the individuals. But in the meantime, stay true to your faith and even in the most difficult times, God is with them and God will see them through this,” he added.

Contact the East Conemaugh Police Department with any information regarding the vandalism and theft which took place at The Church of the Transfiguration.

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