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Local Business Reacts to Rulings

Today Governor Wolf increased crowd limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings but for those with small venues, some say it doesn’t help them at all.

Amy Hilliard, General Manager of the Fort Worth Restaurant in DuBois said their banquet hall hasn’t been used much because of the statewide restrictions.

“We’ve had to cancel a lot of our larger events or postpone them until further notice,” she said.

And now with Gov. Wolf’s mandate of a 20% maximum occupancy for a max occupancy of 2,000 people she said this doesn’t even help her business.

She said her banquet hall can only hold about 160 people.

“It’s going to set her back even more for sure, it’s hard because you have things planned and then new restrictions come into place,” said Hilliard.

On the brighter side, Hilliard said Fort Worth has an outdoor wedding venue in Elk County.

“We will definitely be able to host larger events especially being outdoors we can, like I said, expand it as far as we need to,” she said.

Though these new restrictions help her outdoor venue, Hilliard said all of this is frustrating.

“We are doing our best to try to determine what the new restrictions mean and it’s very hard to figure out what exactly they want from us and then implement that. We are just trying to do our best to follow the rules but sometimes it is very unclear what those rules are,” said Hilliard.

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