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Local Boy Reaches Eagle Scout

A young boy in Somerset County is making impressive strides within the Boy Scouts of America organization.

RyleJohn Wright is a seventh grader at Windber Area Middle School. The 14-year-old has worked his way up to achieve the prestigious title of Eagle Scout, years before one typically does at 16 or 17.

“In Boy Scouts, it starts out with Scout. That’s the very first rank you get. Then it goes to Tenderfoot, Second class, and then First class. Then it goes to Life. And then you can get eagle,” Wright explained.

This was no easy feat. To climb the ranks, RyleJohn had to earn all of those colorful patches seen on the sash he proudly wears.

They’re called Merit Badges, and each one symbolizes a skill.

RyleJohn said he went on about 17 camping trips and had to have at least 21 Merit Badges before he could reach Eagle status.

Another impressive accomplishment for his age is the completion of his Eagle Scout Service Project.

According to the Boy Scouts of America website, the service project is defined in part as “helpful to any religious institution, school, or your community.”

With the help of his troop and family, RyleJohn helped expand the nature trail at Laurel View Village. After nearly an entire summer’s worth of work, the project is complete with a picnic table, bird houses and flowers. RyleJohn’s hard work is open for residents and the community to enjoy.

Outside of his achievements within the Boy Scouts, RyleJohn’s beaming personality and dedication does not go unnoticed at school.

“Honestly, what I really enjoy about RyleJohn is just his drive to push himself further. He’s reached Eagle Scout, which is an incredible feat at this age. But I don’t think that’s the end for him. I am just so excited to see as he progresses through the years, where he is going to go,” said Jessica Shuster, the Principal for Windber Area Middle School.

No doubt this young Eagle Scout will continue to spread his wings and be a positive impact throughout his community.

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