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Library Funding

The Director of the DuBois Public Library says COVID-19 has impacted how the library operates and with statewide budget cuts, she isn’t sure how much funding the library will receive next year.

Rebecca McTavish, Director of DuBois Public Library said the library is running on it’s normal pre-COVID-19 hours with more precautions in place.

“If you pull lots of stuff please set it aside so we can wipe it before we put it back on the shelf, books that are returned to the library do get quarantined for six to seven days,” she said.

Over the years, McTavish said the state has cut funding for public libraries and she doesn’t know how much they’ll receive next year.

“We do know that we are guaranteed 5/12 of what he 2019 funding is and we’re hoping that people will advocate to our state legislatures to continue to fund the public libraries,” she said.

In Governor Wolf’s budget this year, the state allocated over $59 million to public libraries across the state.

McTavish said they plan to receive funding from Sandy Township and DuBois government.

“The smaller communities, there’s less and less resources available to all of their community members so that funding is very very important to all of these libraries,” said McTavish.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, McTavish said the library has been a resource for students learning virtually.

“We have wifi throughout the building and it does reach outside of the building,” she said.

She said they provide numerous online resources to help students with research as well.

“We do have people that come in and use what’s here at the library and use the space especially for tutoring needs,” McTavish said.

McTavish said funding is important for public libraries to be a resource for students during COVID-19.

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