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Lehman Defense Calls Witnesses

The Defense for a Johnstown man, “Paul Lehman”, began calling witnesses to the stand on Wednesday. Lehman is accused of killing 19-year-old Deontaye Hurling in 2018.

Georgia Lehman, Defendant Paul Lehman’s mother took the stand Wednesday. The defense read text messages between Paul Lehman and Georgia Lehman from two weeks before Hurling’s killing. Georgia said Paul had texted her on multiple occasions asking for money so he could pay back people who he had bought drugs from, but Georgia says she had never seen Paul sound so scared when he talked about someone threatening him with a gun if he didn’t get them the money.

The Commonwealth then read other text messages showing it was not the first time Paul had made claims to convince Georgia to give him money. For example, a text message from a month before Hurling was killed, Paul threatened to rob someone or to kill himself if Georgia did not give him the money he needed. One of the texts Georgia sent in response was quote “I don’t believe anything you say.”

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