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Lakemont Christmas in July

Christmas in July gets the holiday cheer going several months prior to the actual holiday.

Those celebrations took place today in Blair County at Altoona’s Lakemont Park.

Christmas was in the air this afternoon long before any snow is in the forecast.

That icon from the North Pole was dressed in his finest summer attire, giving paddleboat rides at Lakemont Park Sunday.

Lakemont Park General Manager Melanie Shildt says the inspiration for this Christmas in July came from the upcoming anniversary of their signature event.

“This year, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary of Holiday Lights on the Lake, so we thought, why not bring Christmas in July, and bring Santa a little bit early?”

And what’s Christmas without some carols courtesy of the the Altoona Community Theatre

“There are so many people in our organization that love Christmas, it’s their favorite holiday, so the chance to get to celebrate it and sing some Christmas carols in July, we jumped right on that.”

Shildt says the park felt they didn’t give Santa enough chance to interact with people earlier this year given covid restrictions, and this event made up for it.

“We had Santa this year during Holiday Lights on the Lake but, you know, he was socially distanced and kids didn’t get to, you know, spend as much time with him as they’d like, so we thought what a great way to integrate it.”

Shildt added that they are considering making this an annual event.

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