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Juniata Card Robbery Update

We have new details regarding the armed robbery at Juniata Cards in Altoona on Tuesday.

The owners, who wish to remain anonymous, claim to have been held at gunpoint while a man stole from behind the counter.

They say a man came in and located the owner and his wife in a chair to the left of the entrance, and forced them to get on the ground while brandishing a pistol.

After going through boxes of trading cards and grabbing some cash, the man allegedly ordered the owners into the restroom in the back of the store.

While in there, the woman saw that her husband had the store’s office phone in his shirt pocket, which they discreetly used to dial 911 without the robber knowing.

The owners say the man knew exactly where the bathroom was, showing this wasn’t his first time here, and police say the robber likely knew just what he wanted too.

“Yes, uh, after speaking with, you know, the victims, it seems the suspect knew what he was looking for. So, he had gotten some very valuable trading cards and then, um, some cash out of the business as well.”

Fortunately, nobody was harmed but the suspect remains at large.

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