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Juneteenth Officially a Federal Holiday

Juneteenth is the oldest celebration of the End of Slavery here in the U.S. marked by the 19th of June, the day when the last enslaved black Americans in Galveston, Texas found out they were free. Following Congressional Action this week, Juneteenth is now being Officially recognized as a Federal Holiday.

Commemorating the day when the last enslaved black Americans in Texas were freed has now turned into a Weekend of Celebrations all over the Country, and that includes Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Educator and Local Historian Lincoln Cohran with the Black Wall Street Alliance created several exhibits highlighting the City’s historic Greenwood neighborhood. But in 1921, a white mob killed hundreds of black Tulsa Residents and looted and burned down their homes and businesses.

Cohran saying: “It’s been 100 years. We want to make sure that people know the story. We also want to make sure that the story is being told correctly.” Tulsa Juneteenth Festival Event Coordinator Lindsey Corbitt partnering with Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Sherry Gamble-Smith. A Mother-Daughter Team to rebuild Black Wall Street.

The Festival putting many of Tusla’s Black-owned businesses in front of large crowds and creating a chance for mentorship to grow and thrive. Thursday, President Joe Biden signing a Bill making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday.

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