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Jumps For Jake Fundraiser

Tri County Church Daycare in Sandy Township held a fundraiser today for one of its kids, Jumps for Jake was held by the Tri County Church kids clubhouse, canceling McMahon’s father. Jake McMahon passed away in January from COVID-19.

Kemsley and her two cousins attend the daycare. So for the fundraiser, the kids at the daycare participated in jumping activities such as jumping rope, bouncy houses and potato sack races.

In addition to accepting donations from outside sources, two brothers tees in Dubois created T-shirts for sale, with proceeds from the shirts going toward the fund.

“First thought it just makes you speechless, like in a world full of such negativity or the positivity that’s coming out of such a negative impact on our lives, that really means a lot.”
Hensley’s only been coming here since for them to do all this, we’ve obviously been here that long. It just shows that there’s really great people in the world.” S

So far, the tech kids clubhouse has raised more than $3200 for Hensley’s Fund, which exceeds the church’s $3,000 goal.

Anyone who wishes to contribute can reach out to first Commonwealth Bank or the staff at the Tri-County Church.

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