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Joshua Gorgone Will Head to Trial

The case against Cambria County man charged with killing a woman will go to trial.

Police say Joshua Gorgone met Denise Williams, who was trying to buy a refrigerator off him using Facebook.

Gorgone appeared in Cambria County Court Monday where investigators testified that he stabbed Williams in his Geistown apartment following an argument over a $40 price difference on a refrigerator he had advertised under an assumed name on Facebook Marketplace last month.

Williams was buying the refrigerator for her boyfriend.

Monday’s preliminary hearing was moved from a local magistrate’s office to the Cambria County Courthouse in Ebensburg to allow her family to attend while abiding by pandemic restrictions.

Police say they were able to find Williams by tracking her phone and by receiving crucial information from a Facebook account that was provided by Williams’ family.

Investigators testified Monday that they later found her car blocks away from Gorgone’s apartment with the driver side window down, blood on the door and drugs in the car.

In court, investigators testified that Gorgone told them that Williams flipped out over the price difference and that’s why he stabbed her multiple times.

They testified he told them he later took her car and bought drugs, then left the car, walked back to his apartment, and wrapped her body in a blanket, then moving it into the bathroom because he didn’t want to look at her anymore.

He later left the apartment but was arrested hours later.

“This is difficult for the family to hear some details for the first time,” said Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer. “There are certainly things they don’t know yet. And this is a difficult process for anyone who goes through something of this matter. Our hearts continue to go out to family and we’re going to continue to work every day to get justice for Denise.”

Gorgone’s case has now been held for court. A formal arraignment will be held next month.

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