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Johnstown YMCA in Jeopardy

Many local businesses and organizations are still feeling the impacts of the Pandemic. Staff at one hot spot in Johnstown say since they reopened it just hasn’t been the same. The Greater Johnstown YMCA has been a part of the community for 150 years, but Staff tell us they’re scared they won’t be for 150 more, as the Pandemic has started to turn the community away. When the YMCA in Johnstown welcomed back members in June after a nearly 4 month shutdown, the CEO says many haven’t come back.

Shawn Sebring, CEO of the Johnstown YMCA saying: “What they’ve been telling us is many of them are working from home so they’re not working downtown and the YMCA is not the most convenient place for them to exercise now. Others are not feeling comfortable being out in the community.” With nearly half of their members gone, Sebring says the Y might soon be too. Sebring saying: “We are at risk of having to do something drastic like possibly close our doors for periods of time or maybe indefinitely in maybe as early as 30 days from now.”

Sebring says they’ve already had to cut staff, but says he hopes they can pull through. Sebring saying: “We want to continue to support our members and offer whatever programing we can to make sure we’re able to survive and serve our members.”

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