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Johnstown Soup Sale

This year is the third annual Friendsday Wednesday soup fundraiser to support the Johnstown Family Kitchen. Because of the pandemic, the kitchen is facing more expenses. Making this year’s fundraiser more vital than ever before.

Every weekday during lunch time, people begin making their way to the Johnstown Family Kitchen to receive a free, hot meal. Because of the coronavirus the kitchen had to adjust their operations.

“Because of COVID we had to change the ways we operate which is port of the reason we raise funds but this year because of COVID we now have a takeout lunch which causes us to have additional expenses for all the takeout containers that we have,” said Johnstown Family Kitchen’s community relations specialist, Georgia Lehman.

The soup kitchen relies on fundraisers, which were unable to happen this year.

“We’re actually behind our goal because the two major fundraisers that we have raise over $50,000 for us in the past two years, which was the food truck rodeo which had to be canceled and our annual duck race which also had to be canceled because of the COVID situation. So, we are actually behind,” said Lehman.

Despite the lack of funds, they’re seeing an increase in need.

“Because the programs that were there in the beginning to support them with their food and those kinds of things have now dwindled down, so we are seeing an uptick and we are serving what we were serving about 150 lunches we are now serving 157 lunches, 168 lunches,” said Lehman. “So, we now have an uptick which again adds to the cost of our meal program,” she added.

But the annual Friendsday Wednesday Soup Sale is still able to take place. People can purchase a bowl or quart of soup ranging from $5 to $7.

“So when people come in and purchase their soup during the Friendsday Wednesday event they actually learn a little bit about what we do, how we’re set up. They can see the inside they can see our kitchen they see how we are set up to do our lunch time meal program,” said Lehman.

The soup sale takes place the second Wednesday of each month from 3pm to 6pm.

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