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Johnstown Shooting Update

We’re learning new details Today about a deadly weekend shooting in Johnstown.

Johnstown Police Chief Rich Prichard said Today they know a lot of people witnessed the shooting of Terrell Green Saturday morning and a fight that preceded it but so far the chief says they’re trying to solve the puzzle of what happened. And They’re asking for your help.

“We’re working hard to put the pieces together but some of the important pieces are missing.”

As Johnstown Police work to fill in the information gaps that remain from Saturday morning’s deadly shooting of Terrell Green, Chief Rich Pritchard is urging those who saw something outside the Old Clubhouse bar in the Hornerstown section of the city to say something.

“We believe that the shooting is the result of an earlier fistfight involving Mr. Green. We also believe several people witnessed the shooting and the fight.”

Green died shortly after arriving at Conemaugh Hospital. The bar has been a center of criminal activity in the past. Prichard says the Clubhouse is a BYOB club that comes after the old liquor license was surrendered in 2017 after another deadly shooting. At the time Johnstown Police said they had responded to more than 40 incidents there in the previous 5 years. Now as they work to solve Green’s case.

Another issue is arising getting people to talk.

“We need your help.”

It’s been a problem as the department is investigating three other homicide cases in that area since the Summer. Prichard says they’re continuing their outreach efforts…

“Just to reach out and show the community we are here to protect them and by the same token that we need their help.”

They have ways for those who have information to come forward without revealing themselves.

“When we talk to folks on the tip 411 line obviously, they’re anonymous there.”

And he says they can go in plain clothes to keep the heat off anyone who wants to come forward.

“We definitely have ways of bringing them into the station or going out into the community in there setting where they are comfortable to actually speak with them. Because one little bit of information can help us solve the crime or get a better understanding of what happened in a particular incident.”

Anyone with information can contact Johnstown Police at the number on your screen, (814) 472-2100.

You can also submit anonymous information online and by text.

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