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Johnstown Protest for Police Accountability

Johnstown Police ruled their actions were justified, but a group of Johnstown Activists and Protestors say that the actions of Officers against a man in a mental health crisis back in June were not justified. The rain didn’t stop many people from gathering in Johnstown on Saturday to march to end Police violence and to fight for Human Rights.

The sound of protests filled the streets of Johnstown again with dozens of people wanting more accountability for Police. This follows a video that went viral in June showing Johnstown Police Department Officers appearing to punch 60-year-old George Corson Jr. who was having a mental health crisis. The Officers involved were cleared of wrongdoing by the Police Department, saying their use of force was justified.

Protestors say they’re also asking for transparency regarding the killing of Elip Cheatham in 2012, who was killed by Johnstown Police Department Officers. The District Attorney ruled that it was justified because the Officers thought he planned to run them down with his vehicle. Those marching say they want to defund the Police Department and reallocate the money for various Public Health Programs, such as Social Workers and Mediators to respond to a Mental Health Crisis instead of Police Officers. We reached out to the Johnstown Police Department regarding the march and they did not have a comment.

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