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Johnstown Police Dept. Being Proactive

Johnstown Police Department Says They Are Grateful in Being Proactive in This weeks Gun bust.

“This is the type of proactive policing we need to take a bit out of crime in Johnstown.”

Johnstown police saying that’s how three men who had been involved in homicides and shootings in the area were charged with possessing stolen guns.

“One of the individuals was a riding passenger in the shootout on broad street and a couple were involved in a shooting in one of our communities maybe 3 months back.”

Chief Richard Prichard says one of their officers was watching a 24 hour surveillance camera at the Oakhurst Homes Saturday Evening and noticed several people, including children around one man was seen with a semi-automatic gun.

Officers responded to the area leading to, 23-year-old Zakean Davis, 20-year-old Zakee Hampton-Hennie, and 19-year-old Dymire Cockett, all being charged with theft and weapons-related charges.

Three of those firearms recovered were stolen including the AR-15 rifle

“We don’t know what was on their mind or they planned to do with these firearms.”

Prichard says they’ve been working with the Attorney Generals office to curb the trend in violence in a city with a record 10 homicides already this year.

“We have officers working in plain clothes capacity, so they get experience doing drug work. The drugs are driving the majority of the violent crimes here in Johnstown. We’re happy the officer recognized the individuals and put together this investigation that led to the recovery of these stolen firearms.”


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