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Johnstown Memorial Park

The Johnstown Fire Department is now one step closer to making a memorial for fallen firefighters in the city a reality. On Tuesday, the Franklin Street Bridge in Johnstown was officially dedicated by the state to firefighters in the city who have died in the line of duty.

The bridge will be painted bright red in the coming months and the next step is to transform the park beside the bridge. The park used to be one of Johnstown’s original fire stations and the department hopes to turn it into a memorial park. Aside from grant money the department hopes the community will donate money to help make the project happen.

“The biggest thing is to honor the fallen firefighters from the city of Johnstown. To have a lasting memorial for them moving forward that you know family, friends, visitors of the city can all come to and pay their respects to the fallen firefighters,” said Eric Miller the President of Johnstown Firefighters Union Local 463.

Upstreet Architects has stepped in to help with the design that includes: displaying the names of the city’s fallen firefighters, bringing the firefighters memorial bell over from Central Park, coloring changing lights and a special ladder sculpture that will pay tribute to the fallen made by the Center for Metal Arts.

For everything to be complete the department hopes to raise $100,000. Donations can be made either in-person at the station or mailed to Johnstown Firefighters Memorial Park PO Box 454 Johnstown, PA 15907. You can also donation online through the departments RallyUp and Paypal pages. Several fundraisers will also be posted on the departments Facebook page.

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