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Johnstown Christmas Changes

Despite everything being a lot different this year due to the pandemic, the Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership wants to, now more than ever, give the community Christmas cheer during these tough times.

The Christmas set-up began on Tuesday with putting up the annual Christmas tree.

The Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership still plans to have the majority of their traditional program in Central Park.

“We’re very excited to get back to our normal programing. Everything that we normally do has been canceled since march. We definitely took the time to think about how can we have a traditional light up night without immense crowds of thousands of people in central park.” says the President of Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership Melissa Radovanic

Instead of the traditional hometown Christmas parade and tree light up night, they will have a hometown Christmas stroll on main street. Residents and visitors are able to walk up and down main street on their own and visit floats, bands, hot air balloons and more. Then people can go to central park and see the tree all evening.

While there won’t be the traditional tree lighting, the tree will still be lit and starting this week, the Public Works Department and the City of Johnstown will start moving in the customary Christmas houses that are decorated by local businesses. They have added 4 more this year with a total of 24.

“This has been a tough year for everyone emotionally, financially and economically. We are just happy to be back and provide this entertainment again for people. They can come and go as they please. The tree will be on every evening from 5 to 11 so we don’t have to worry about crowds. You can come at any time. I think, just like every year, this gives our residents a sense of hope. This year more than anything, we really need it.” says Radovanic

The tree is 36 feet tall and sits on top of a 4 foot tall platform. The star on top is also 4 feet. There will be 70 thousand red, green and white lights and 1 hundred strobe lights. This year they have added a new song to the playlist, with a total of 11 songs. The song set will last 45 to 50 minutes.

“This is a huge process every year. We have our volunteers from the Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership, employees from major builders, MJ Daniels Trucking and Concentrix.” said Radovanic

December 11th and 12th: the annual Christmas express will be set-up in central park, where kids can ride the train around the park with Santa Clause.

December 19th: there will be a free s’mores night.

Every Saturday during the season: there will be live entertainment at 416 main street.

The Discover Downtown Partnership encourages people to wear mask and social distance.

You can come and enjoy the Christmas lights and activities from next Friday, November 20th until January 8th

The tree animation will run every day from midnight to noon and from 5 PM to 11 PM.

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