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Johnstown Art Walk

“They can spread the word. Of course, people who walk up to the booths can tell them all about their business. We have some really unique crafters and the businesses, so people will become more aware. And hopefully after it’s over, they’ll visit these small businesses.”

“People are just really excited to have food, to come out and shop, some people are buying Christmas gifts already. So it gives all of us vendors that typically do this, maybe more full time for some people, to supplement our income. So it gives us a chance to get out and sell some of our work.”

Today many people put on their jackets to enjoy this beautiful fall day we had here in Johnstown for the Art Walk in the park.

Mindy Burris makes and sells these wood crafts and fall decorations but since COVID-19 hit she hasn’t been able to get her business out there as much as usual.

“All the really big craft shows that normally I go to and set up, they’ve all been cancelled. Even the smaller ones have been cancelled, so when Denise approached me to do this show, I was really excited to do it.”

Denise Urban organized the event Today and says she’s glad it could give vendors like these a chance during the pandemic.

“All the vendors that heard about this said, oh great, we were preparing to do other craft shows and they were cancelled. So they’re able to come here -”

Craftors, artists, musicians, and food vendors lined the trails of Stackhouse Park.

Which Denise says allowed for social distancing and a chance to feel the crisp Fall air.

“We have a ton of people that showed up today, and they seemed to be smiling and carrying merchandise, so we’re happy for our vendors that way. If this is a success, we’ll probably plan something for next year.”


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