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Johnstown 360

It’s easy to search online for photos of a destination or business, but it might not look the same in person.

One woman in Johnstown is working to show people the city from every angle without having to leave your home.

“I thought well I’m here I’m based in Johnstown and we have so much to offer here in this area. We have so many neat areas we’ve got the inclined plane, we’ve got central park here and you know it would be really neat to showcase all that in 360 virtual tours,” said Wendy Yohe the CEO of DPX360 Media.

Yohe started a 360 virtual tour business before moving to Johnstown and recently started to get back into it. Showcasing popular spots in the city like Central Park as well as tours of medical facilities and homes for sale.

“It’s a totally different experience than just a flat image. It gives you the feeling of being there and you can just walk through a facility or a museum or a school or anywhere and just have the feeling of being there,” said Yohe.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic when many can’t go out or travel Yohe says these 360 virtual tours can be extremely helpful.

Yohe has created a Facebook page, Johnstown 360, where she posts 360 tours of popular spots in the city for free.

“I’m really excited to be getting into local businesses, and showcasing what Johnstown has to offer as far as recreation, fun things to do and just the beauty of the place,” said Yohe.

As Yohe continues her 360 virtual tours she says she would love to accept requests of what people would like to see on her Facebook page.

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