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Jim Gregory Shooting Reaction

No comment any further for the case today, citing their ongoing investigation. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for December first inside of the same building, and our Dylan Huberman spoke with state representative Jim Gregory about how this tragedy has rocked the community.

“This is a period of time where when these things happen, we have to be so, so, so mindful of the things that we are grateful for. In a normal. Holiday like Thanksgiving, but even more so today that. We have our our families, we have our our health, but also that we have people like our corrections officers and people like Rhonda Russell, according to state police. Russell was tragically killed Wednesday evening when an Altoona police officer attempting to stop a prisoner from disarming her accidentally shot her. Russell lived a few exits up Interstate 99 in Tyrone, a community that has now been rocked by a second lethal event in the span of just a few months . Yeah, Tyrone has been through a lot as a community, northern Blair County for that matter, the the summer gas explosion and the loss of life with corrections officer Rhonda Russell. And how many more things can one community endure?”

Representative Gregory says that communities tested resilience from that summer tragedy will help them now.

“And just like that event, healing must come before the inevitable quest for answers. A lot of reporting is going on about what may have happened, and a lot of hard questions are going to lead to a lot of hard answers about what happened and why and what can we make? What can we make sure we do to never see this happen again? But in the meantime, right now, it’s just so raw for so many. “

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