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Jefferson Park Shooting Update

New details coming out of Blair County about one of the teens allegedly involved in the murder of Devon Pfirshing, and what led the judge to decertify his charges for juvenile court.

Blair County president judge, Elizabeth Doyle, had already made the decision to keep Damien Green in juvenile court.

But we now know, with newly released court documents, that this is because of his quote, lesser role in the fatal shooting.

Court documents on this decision were sealed until Friday afternoon, but the decision was made back on March 10th.

Green was among the other 2 teens, Logan Persing, and Owen Southerland who admitted to luring Pfirshing to an alley which resulted in a brief gun struggle and ultimately, set off the fatal shot.

As things stand right now, Southerland and Omerado Davis, a 4th teen involved who is accused of selling the other teens the gun, are being tried as adults.

Persing’s decision is still pending.

Green’s decertification petition is the first to be granted.

Since the judge’s decision on green, the Da’s office filed an immediate appeal that questions judge Doyle’s decision, and still fights for Green to be tried in adult court.

“The opinion does not change the commonwealth’s decision and we are still proceeding with our appeal, raising both the issues of whether the decertification petition was denied by operation of law, and the court did not decide the
motion within 20 days which is required by law, and that the granting of decertification was an abuse of discretion.”

Court documents show both sides presenting evidence from psychology experts.

The defense expert, dr. Alice Applegate argued that Green was not an immediate participant in Pfirshing’s murder.

Dr. Applegate also says green feels bad for what happened that night and claimed reen is not a danger to society right now.

Documents went on to show that the commonwealth’s expert,Dr. John O’Brien’s evaluation was rushed and not as thorough as Doctor Applegate’s and because of this the court rejected his report. Leaving Green in the juvenile court

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