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Jefferson County Flooding Concerns

The rain has continued to come down around the Clarion River but the Jefferson County EMA Director says he’s not terribly worried about flooding for the moment.

“We’re going to watch it but for right now, everything looks like it’s moving pretty good on our end.”

Zents says while the level of concern is relatively low, a National Weather Service Flood Warning is still in place, as areas close to the river are still at risk.

“A lot of the areas along the Clarion, especially in Jefferson County are tourist-type attractions. So, definitely we’re going to watch that, especially down around
Macbeth’s Cabins, down right along the county line.”

And the fog caused by the drastic temperature difference Today is a problem for drivers.

“So the fog definitely reduces the visibility, even in the daylight. Nighttime, it doubles, so people definitely have to slow down. With all of the rain hitting the snowpack,
it’s going to create more fog. You have to watch out, especially for things that may be not visible in your path and then all of the sudden, it’s there.”

And he’s been in touch with Clarion County officials in case the danger intensifies.

“We’ve been in contact with our partners in Clarion County, as far as the icepack because down and around the Mayport, Hawthorn area in Clarion County, what ice we
get sometimes can jam up down there and cause them some issues, so we do keep in contact with them in situations like this.”


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