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Jake Corman Running For Governor

Republican Senator Jake Corman began his campaign to the next governor of Pennsylvania this evening at Aspen Brewery in his hometown of Bellefonte, Dylan Huberman reports.

And what do you know, Senator Cormann, one of Governor Wolf’s strongest critics, made his bid to be Wolf’s successor official with tonight’s event.

His entrance was preceded by remarks from his daughter Bella and Sue Paterno, the wife of storied PSU football coach Joe Paterno.

Corman said he stoked to be able to get things started in his hometown.

“Well, I’m very excited. This is where I grew up. I spent my life. This is where, you know, my values have been shaped by my views on government and public policy been shaped.
So very excited among family and friends to make this special announcement that we’re going to go ahead and run for governor. So very exciting.”

He actually credits Governor Wolf’s actions as motivation to enter this race and a potential face off against the likely Democratic nominee.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro may add more fuel to Corman’s fire, but for now, he’s focusing on the first step of his campaign.

“Look, I got to win a primary first, and that’s what I’m going to focus on right now.”

There’s plenty of time to talk about Josh Shapiro. He is the Democratic nominee and Tom Wolf, you know, but to Tom, Wolf’s record is what I think inspired me to run.
What I’ve seen has happened over the last four to eight years has not been productive for Pennsylvania, and he has a detailed message to voters.

“It’s restoring freedom we’ve seen over the last 18 months a rule infringement upon our freedoms with this health care crisis. It’s making sure that people have good jobs that can
support their families and support their communities, making sure that we empower parents and education to find the right environment for their kids, to get an education, to make sure
we have safe streets because you can’t have freedom, you can’t have jobs and you can’t have a good education if you don’t have a safe community. So those are the message that we’re
going to be taking all across the Commonwealth that we think will be a winning message in Centre County under a government.”

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