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Inmates Charged in Prison Riot

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer says more than a dozen inmates at the Cambria County prison are being charged in connection for their involvement in an October riot.

Special Emergency Response Team and swat teams responded to the prison Oct. 2 after about 30 inmates in a housing unit began to riot.

It took authorities just under two-and-a-half hours to get everything under control.

No one was injured but the housing unit did sustain significant damage.

According to the Neugebauer, 18 inmates are facing charges ranging from rioting to disorderly conduct.

“The actions by those charged put many people, including themselves, at risk. We will not, and cannot, tolerate the behavior which violated the law in an institutional setting. It was only through a swift, well-coordinated, and appropriate response that the situation was able to be brought under control. I would like to again thank the numerous state, county and local corrections officers, police departments, fire departments, EMS providers, 911 dispatchers, CERT and SERT Teams, negotiation teams, Detectives, Cambria County Emergency Management and the leadership team at the Prison for their collective efforts in bringing resolution to the riot. We will seek all appropriate penalties and restitution on behalf of the Commonwealth.”

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