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In This Together Cambria

Our region is continuing to see a rise in COID-19 case numbers and deaths. Tuesday, cities across the country are remembering those lost their battle with COVID-19.

The group, “In This Together Cambria” hosted an event of remembrance in unity with others. The Stone Bridge in Johnstown was illuminated with candles to represent each life lost to COVID-19 in Cambria County. As of Tuesday, the Department of Health has reported 340 deaths in the county. Organizer, Ashlee Kiel says this is a chance for the community to mourn, safely.

“One of the hardest part of this time, which makes it a little bit different than other parts of history, is that we have not had an opportunity to grieve in the way we normally do. Big funerals have been out,” said Kiel. “We haven’t been able to be with our loved ones in the hospital. There has just been so much loss on top of the death that has occurred. We really want to acknowledge the families of the loved ones who have died and let them know we stand with them in their struggle and give the community an opportunity to unite and grieve the loss that we have had,” she added.”

The memorial took place at the same time as other cities lit up to remember those who have passed away during the pandemic. The main event occurred in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. These memorials were intended to show a national moment of unity and remembrance.

“We were inspired by the national memorial and we felt that it was a really good idea. So we wanted to bring that sort of comfort and opportunity for community event to Johnstown and to the Cambria County citizens,” said Kiel.

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