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In-Person Learning

As winter breaks have come to an end, most students and teachers have returned back to the classroom this week.

However, as Omicron continues to spread, in-person learning has come under the microscope, with Penn State debating the virtual round just last week.

Dylan Huberman caught up with several teachers in the Bellwood after school district to hear their thoughts about coming back amid the case spike? The educators I spoke with within the
district did not express much concern about returning to the classroom after the holidays amid a rise in COVID cases.

“We still go grocery stores, we go to church and things like that, and I’m not thinking about it. I would say I don’t have any. I feel OK. I’m not too concerned with the holidays in
the rearview mirror.”

Students and teachers are back in classrooms, even though some use their break to travel to other states or countries. Susan Bouslough hasn’t seen any anxiety about returning to school
in the elementary school.

Actually, I haven’t noticed any difference with reservations about people coming back from Christmas break. We’re all happy to be in-person because in-person, especially in elementary
school, is the best place for kids to learn.”

Other teachers are not really concerned for themselves, but are for their students.

“I think the thing I’m most worried about is just for them, for their sake, not really mind for them worrying about having to quarantine and having to learn from home for them.
Like if a parent is sick, having to worry about them, that’s the thing I’m more concerned about than myself.”

But high school teacher Allie Stinson says there is some level of anxiety that every teacher feels given the circumstances.

“I think all teachers are worried about the need for students to come back and where they were and be able to say that everybody is healthy and hope that everybody stays healthy.”

But at the end of the day, that’s always a concern, both as a teacher and as a mom.

But she feels that keeping the kids in school is priority number one. However,

“I think that we all understand like the risk in coming back, but we also understand that last year at this time, we were virtual, so we were able to, you know, even though we were
able to stream with our kids, it wasn’t the same as having them in-person. And so having them in-person is definitely like the best thing for them.”

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