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Hurricane Delta Impact

Louisiana residents are picking up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Delta. It was at Category Two when it hit the State Friday night, bringing flooding and nearly 700,000 power outages. Governor John Bel Edwards said Sunday hundreds of evacuees remain in shelters. Dozens of roads and bridges are still closed, and that’s not the worst news as Governor Edwards announced the first Hurricane Delta related death. As of Sunday afternoon about half of the power outages in the State have been restored.

Crews had to evacuate several homes and take two workers to the hospital after an early morning train derailment in Georgia. Firefighters arrived just before 2AM Sunday in Liliburn, to see 38 cars on their sides. Police helped the train’s engineer and conductor out of the locomotive. Their injuries are said to be minor. Several of the cars burst into flames and there was a chemical spill. That prompted officials to evacuate nearby homes. Hazardous Materials Teams had some trouble with their spill control measures because of a swollen creek.

Fire officials say rains from Hurricane Delta may have played a part in the derailment. Residents were allowed back in their homes around 6am. The Fire Department says CSX is working with environmental cleanup groups to minimize the impact on the environment.

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