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Huntingdon House Explosion

A house was destroyed Monday Morning after a huge explosion rocked a Huntingdon neighborhood. It was just after 8:20 Monday morning when the 2300 block of Highland Avenue in Huntingdon was rocked by an explosion. Jerome Leamer, a neighbor to the house that was destroyed said: “I looked outside to see the house that was there was gone.” Fire crews were on scene within moments, but it was already too late to save the house. James Grace of Huntingdon Regional Fire Rescue saying: “When we got here the home was devastated and there was fire on the house next to it.” By mid-morning, bulldozers were already clearing the scene.

The Homeowner, identified as Michele Shovlen, was inside when the blast occurred. She was helped to safety by two neighbors who got her to a nearby house. Shovlen was transferred to UPMC-Altoona. Her neighbors saying they are both stunned and concerned for their friend. Its not readily apparent what sparked the blast, there’s no natural gas lines in the neighborhood. The explosion’s cleanup and the investigation to find the cause continues.

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