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Huntingdon County Arson Arrest

Police say a couple in Huntingdon county have been charged with arson and insurance fraud following a house fire last week.

According to state police, 48 year old Tina Sebolt offered 29 year old Brandon Crawford money to help start the fire at the home on Juniata Avenue in Shirley Township.

Police say during an interview Sebolt told them she accidently caused a fire while cooking and the fire went out.

They say it was then when Sebolt used cooking oil to start up the fire again splashed it on the walls and around the room and offered Crawford 10-thousand dollars for his help to spread the fire.

They say Sebolt told police that she had contacted her insurance company to file a claim.

7 Fire companies responded to the fire.

1 Firefighter was injured while fighting the blaze.

Both Sebolt and Crawford are being held in the Huntingdon County prison on 250-thousand dollars bail.

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