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Humane Society Overload

From a Kennel Cough outbreak to taking in more than 20 cats from a hoarding situation.

The Cambria County Humane Society now facing another obstacle.

Haleigh Dibetta explains.

If you were to come here right now with a stray dog or needed to surrender your cat the shelter wouldn’t be able to take it there’s no space and the reason why might surprise you.

“We physically can’t do anything more even though we really want to be able to do more for these animals and help them”

It’s not all wagging tails at the Cambria County Humane Society right now

“The calls keep coming in from people that need to surrender an animal or people that have maybe found a stray animal”

Dogs fill every cage and some cats have to call the shelter garage home for now the humane society has hit capacity

“I think we are experiencing the reprocussions of the pandemic when so many were at home and felt that they could bring on an extra pet”

As people return to the office shelter Executive Director Jessica Vamos says they want to return their pets too

“Either maybe they realized financially that has become a burden to them, maybe they’re dealing with behavioral problems that they weren’t prepared to deal with from the pet that they brought into their home”

Those pandemic puppies and kittens now dogs and cats will be here until someone gives them a second chance

“That’s where we encourage our community to get involved and help the shelter in numerous ways donating, adopting, volunteering, fostering it’s the only way that if we work together that we’ll be able to help more animals in the community”

So far the pets being surrendered or found wandering the streets weren’t previously adopted here

All the information can be found on their Facebook page


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