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HSSC Receiving Rescue Dogs

Some people who were affected by hurricanes last month are still dealing with the aftermath and that includes their pets as well. Some even have to surrender their animals.

The Humane Society of Somerset County just rescued 13 dogs from an area of Louisiana impacted by hurricane Laura. And this week they’ll be available to find their forever homes.

“It’s a very rewarding thing and they all deserve the best and it’s not their fault. And like I said, I think the people that gave them up to have a better life are the real heroes because I know it had to be heartbreaking. Besides losing everything you have to then have to give up your pet.”

Shelter manager, Nancy Dantzig says she was asked to take some animals in because people were having to surrender their pets after becoming homeless because of hurricane Laura in August.

The dogs, ranging in ages 10 weeks to one and half years are now adjusting to life in Pennsylvania.

Friday, they will become available for adoption. If you aren’t able to adopt, Dantzig asks if you have the means, to donate to the shelter so they can continue taking care of these animals until they find them their forever homes.

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