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Hospital Worker Shortages

A hospital staffing shortage in the United States, even right here at home. Nicole Fushino tells us about a career fair held by a local hospital in Cambria County today to help combat that.

Officials with Conemaugh Health System lined up here inside Conemaugh East Hills, trying to find candidates to fill their many open positions in the hopes of fighting their staffing shortage.

“Always stuff that you can use. Thank you, sir. Have a great day.”

The COVID 19 pandemic has taken the health care industry by storm, overwhelming hospital employees, some to the point of quitting or retiring. That’s why officials at Conemaugh say they hosted this career fair to hire the essential workers.

“They need dietary environmental services. We have clerical positions really focusing on our clinical positions. We have nursing nursing assistants, mental health techs, we have lab, we have security, valet, just a wide variety of positions.”

They’re even offering sign on bonuses up to tens of thousands of dollars to get more workers in the door.

“The $30,000 is for nurses for a full time nurse to commit for three years, but we also have other bonuses available as well.”

Interviews were available on site and those qualified could have even gotten a job offer on site.

“All in the hopes of making communities healthier. So I mean, across every industry, everybody is really struggling for staff, but especially here at the hospital where we’re taking care of the COVID patients as well as everybody.And in order to care properly for our patients and make our communities healthier, we do have the need to host this. We’re hoping people come and join our hometown team.”

If you missed this event today, they will be holding walk in Wednesdays every Wednesday from ten to one at Conemaugh’s main campus in downtown Johnstown, where you could land a job interview or even a job .

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