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Hope VFD Fundraiser

They’re always ready to jump into action at a moments notice and help anyone in need volunteer fire companies. But keeping the lights on at the station can be a challenge

We caught up with one local fire department today trying to make ends meet with the help of the community

The Hope Fire Company held this fundraiser this weekend to benefit the department.

Walmart supplied a truckload of merchandise, and the prices were chopped in half.

“It’s, it’s a very lengthy process, a lot of work, a lot of volunteers put into it, it’s a great fundraiser for our fire company.”

Philipsburg Fire Chief Jeff Harris, who also makes runs with Hope, says the department answered the call this weekend.

“You know, they’re volunteers, um, they’re taking time away from the family even to do the fundraising, which is a lot for the fire company, that’s what supports us.”

Harris says it shows the reciprocal relationship between the community and the fire company.

“Well, it means a lot to them (the community), it means a lot to us to. We, we like supporting the community, we try to do everything we can for the community, and this is just one way to give

The community’s appreciation is evidenced by the turnout.

“Oh, the turnout was fabulous, we had people wind up starting at 6:30 in the morning, and we didn’t start the sales until 8.”

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