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Hope Cyclery

The holiday season doesn’t come without worry this year, not just of health and safety but for some parents the ability to get their child a gift.

To help parents with that a local business has stepped up.

Kids in the area won’t just get a gift from Hope Cyclery here in Downtown Johnstown, they’ll get an experience that will last a lifetime.

It’s a way to have fun with friends, make memories and get around a bicycle. Co-owners of Hope Cyclery in Downtown Johnstown, Jarrod Bunk and David Lane, want every child to experience all of that.

“We believe wholeheartedly that bikes are magic you know you think about growing up and what is the one thing that we all remember? it’s your first time on a bike”

Nearly 70 bikes have been donated to Hope Cyclery for it’s second annual holiday bike drive. Bunk and Lane hope to turn those donations into refurbished bikes for kids in the area

“It is going to be hard, i’m probably going to be sleeping at the bike shop a few nights to get it done but it’s what we have to do you know? it’s how we exist it’s our initiative it’s us”

A shortage of bike parts due to the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed them down. Bunk says they have everything they need to make this holiday season a bright one in a time that seems dark

“We are in a world where if people shared one simple joy with one another we would have a better existence I believe. and I think one of the biggest joys of my life for sure is riding a bike and bicycles in general so that’s our
goal to share that with kids who don’t have that opportunity because we believe 100% this is how we exist as a bike shop. every child deserves a bike regardless of social class because they are magic ”

Hope Cyclery needs you to let them know what kids could use a free bike this holiday season. You can contact the shop at the email you see on the bottom of your screen

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