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Hookies Family Loss

On Tuesday, Tyrone residents Harry and Ann Dillon were tragically killed in a multi-vehicle crash.

It happened on South Eagle Valley Road in Centre County.

The two had a large impact on their community, where their son, Chip formerly served as the Fire Chief at Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder Fire Company, known locally as Hookies.

Dylan Huberman spoke with Chip and current Hookies Fire Chief Joe Gault Today.

Jess, the loss has devastated the Tyrone community, and their son Chip says his parents were known for their generosity.

“They were very, very giving people. They gave, sometimes left themselves short on things to help others whenever they needed.”

Harry and Ann Dillon lost their lives in a three car collision in Worth Township on Tuesday.

Their death has shaken many, most of all their son Chip…who didn’t expect his final moments with his Mom and Dad to come just 15 minutes before the tragedy.

“My daughter was with them, and I met them to pick her up so she didn’t have to go along to the doctor’s visit, which is where they were on their way to…I picked her up, talked to them for a few minutes and then they were on their way. Rhonda passed them on this side of Port Matilda, my wife, on her way home from work.”

Current Hookies Chief Joe Gault says this ordeal puts life in perspective.

“You just, you never know. You just never know what’s going to happen. Hold your loved ones close because you don’t know when it’s going to be your last day.”

Those that knew them, remember them fondly.

“You can sit and talk with them for hours and if you didn’t walk away and not learn something you weren’t paying attention.”

For Chip, the positive outpouring from the community is helping to keep him going.

“Seeing all the posts of all the people from around that I had no idea, that I don’t even know, reaching out and saying how much my family, my parents touched their lives in so many different ways has been the shining the good spot in all of this to keep a little bit of a smile on my face with everything going on.”

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